Pure gold

As a true luxury product which adheres to traditional Italian bespoke quality, Pure Gold believes that guarding our reputation is intrinsically tied to designing, manufacturing and packaging all our products in-house. Each member of the Pure Gold team is a specialist in their own right, and takes great pride in ensuring that anything with the Pure Gold logo reaches the customer in perfect condition.


Perfume is the basis of what is perceived; scents and fragrances meet what the eyes see and what one feels on the skin, creating a unique blend of sensations that we can simply call ‘perception’. This is the philosophy behind this new scent made for Pure Gold, a global ambassador of Italian Luxury that marries the work of a visionary creator of perfumes from Switzerland.
And a new dream is born: To create a line of fragrances that are unique, delicate, incomparable-just like Pure Gold and its creations. This result is a group of refined essences. A new generation working on creations of absolute beauty & quality; shapes, vision and inspiration meld in a magical union: here is the Pure Gold talented team as designers led to experiment and give light to fascinating shapes form noble raw materials.
An unexpected, sophisticated fragrance reflecting a confident and independent spirit, it's a uniquely positive and sensual inspiration.

Box & Packaging

The line is inspired by Gold with six different experiences of journey. “The hypnotic power and beauty of Golds are always present in our lives, connecting us with great symbolic power to our emotions and to all of creation. The six new perfumes embody the six stages of a journey consumed by Gold. In Gold, every emotion, every image, every fragrance comes to life and exists almost independently from our thoughts. Our perfumes capture the indomitable spirit of our emotions. The creation of these perfume essences comes from the never-ending quest to depict and capture emotions. These perfumes embody the powerful faith desire to try to hold on to a beautiful moment, and the constant exploration of the “self and the non-self”. The package and bottle’s intricate details mirror the meticulous attributes of the Gold Bars; adding to the exclusivity and exquisiteness of the fragrance.PURE GOLD is the Italian luxury interiors and fragrance company, with craftsmanship at its heart. With a passion for transforming the expected into the extraordinary, Pure Gold perfumes are uniquely complex and expertly crafted with the rarest, most precious ingredients. So our creations reflect our values and evoke the same poetic inspiration in facets of happiness that is a trademark of Pure Gold "