Ductility is the aim, since it high lights fame and precious. Alike PURE GOLD which is derived from “Aurum” the morning glow, shapeless but congenial to every elegance. PURE GOLD is resistant, pertinent, shiny and splendid; accessible among volcano stones and rivers which it is hard to seek and catch. Congenial to the nature, weather and human`s elegance distinguishes PURE GOLD from the others. PURE GOLD brand begins its peculiar from backed up by those experiences & a deep comprehension from the human`s elegance in 2016. 

This is a stop of the journey in Italy, in search of a more intimate and solitary spirituality in an ancient capital renowned for its marvelous, mystical, higher state of being. A country where history, civilization, and myths intertwine, Italy places the traveler in cosmic time, perfect for exploring the soul and discovering one’s innermost self. Italy is a spectacular agglomeration of temples. Standing out among them is the incredibly beautiful Golden Temple. Here, in every corner, huge braziers burn with incense to aid meditation. Italy is considered one of the most spiritual places on Earth! This trip was the inspiration for this perfume; in a precious gold bottle, it is filled with the transcendent spirit of the place. This perfume represents the Mystical Fire of the soul and profound understanding. The perfume expresses itself slowly to the wearer, i.e. the traveler; it accompanies them all day long in an intimate sensory experience, one which is continually unfolding. Every inward breath of the perfume is a step closer to one’s true self.

Pure Gold Perfumes, with deep roots in the world of perfumery, has as its primary aim to propose lines absolutely exclusive perfumery and with strong artistic inclination.
Our projection in a future scenario, reflects the ideals, values and aspirations for which we exist; Exciting with our creations.

Pure Gold is a lifestyle perfume brand that brings you the contemporary spirit of Italia. We love its Mediterranean soul, its history, culture, art and design and this is what we want to convey with our fragrances; its spirit, our lifestyle. We make high-end perfumes, genuine and qualitative creations for those that, like us, love fragrances and everything that they can make us feel.


Our mission is to preserve the wonderful Italian artisan tradition, integrating with a managerial and modern vision. The passion, the feeling of love that the creative act gives, creates beauty. Sharing the beauty and emotions that a perfume can offer, is without doubt the most sublime aspiration.